Letters to Santa

It’s that time of year!!!!

Are you bombarded this time of year with that wonderful question…

“What do the kids want for Christmas?”

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everyone who wants to buy them stuff, but honestly…

I can’t keep it all straight!

Oh and those commercials….

The never ending loop of holiday commercials!

All I hear…

“Ma, can I have that?”

“Ma, can you put that on my list???”

“Ma, come quick, you’ve got to see this!”

First off, I don’t have to come quick.  We have DVR.

Secondly, I don’t want to see another commercial for Tron, or Star Wars, or Lego, or Spongebob Operation!

So, I’ve come up with a solution…

kid favorite recipes holidays featured crafts    Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa – Or to Hanukkah Harry…

Prep Time: 5 minutes Craft Time: 25 minutes

What you need:

Poster board


Kid scissors (or regular scissors depending on the age of your kids)

Glue Sticks

Catalogs Galore (Toys, Electronics, Clothes – all the stuff that comes to your house all the time this season.)

kid favorite recipes holidays featured crafts    Letters to Santa

What to do:

Set the kids up at the table with their catalogs and scissors.

Let them cut out all the things they’d like to ask Santa for (toys, iPods, socks, whatever)

Once they’ve cut it out have them glue it onto their poster board.

kid favorite recipes holidays featured crafts    Letters to Santa

They can color their poster board too and decorate it to match their personality so Santa will be sure to know it’s theirs, and you’ll know what to tell the in-laws when they ask what the kiddos want this year.

I made one too…

kid favorite recipes holidays featured crafts    Letters to Santa

I’m telling Santa that I’ve been a very very good girl and I’d really like that smoker please!

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  1. This is very, very cool. I think that my kids are going to do this this afternoon.

  2. I love your wishlist :) What a super cute idea…I think I should do that with my 4 year old, because everything that comes on tv or in a catalog is something he “wants” for christmas! Ha!!!

  3. very cute idea!! anne

  4. my 3 year old daughter likes to look at catalogues now and adore anything with Princess on it! fortunately we don’t have tv. she cannot see all those commercials;)
    btw, that was a good idea–I might do the same.

  5. NOW that is what I need to do!!!! hehe :)

  6. Great idea!
    The questioning of what to get the kids doesn’t appear to end. My SIL just emailed me today about my teens!

  7. Very cool! I think my kids would need poster board for all their wants. SIGH!

  8. This is SUCH a great idea! My kids sit and circle everything in the catalogs about a million times and then forget what they circled. I need to do this!

  9. You are genius! Keeps the kids out of the TV and gives them something to do for a long while! Loving this project. :-)

  10. So cute. My son is 15 months and people are asking. I keep saying NOTHING! We live in a 2-bedroom apt, he doesn’t need a thing!! We’re def going to have to get a house before he starts writing lol!

  11. Love it. My kiddos love cutting and gluing! You forgot about the Pillow Pets commercials. I gave in and bought them for under the tree simply because I don’t ever want to hear about them again. EVER.

  12. What a great idea! Little Butt doesn’t really watch television so I’m having trouble figuring out what she may want for Christmas. This may be just the thing for her to do to tell me what she wants! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a great idea! When my nephew was younger he did not want to actually sit on Santa’s lap, so the night before they went to see him, he cut out pictures of stuff he wanted and put it on a piece of paper and just handed that paper to Santa and ran away!! lol

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