Poison Apple Juice?

Are they kidding me?

Arsenic in the apple juice?

memoirs from mommyville fruits    Poison Apple Juice?

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How could the FDA allow higher arsenic levels in the juice…

Than in drinking water?

And these levels are based on a full grown adult.

Not a child!

I’ve read the Consumer Reports test.

It appears that



and Welch’s Grape Juice

are the biggest concerns.

memoirs from mommyville fruits    Poison Apple Juice?So what’s a parent to do?

What’s a country to do?

I’ll tell you one thing…

I’m not buying anymore til they figure all this out.

memoirs from mommyville fruits    Poison Apple Juice?But what am I supposed to think about all of the juice they’ve already had??

What are you going to do?

Will you still drink it?

Will you give it to your kids?

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  1. I never have juice in the house anyway. It’s pure sugar with a few vitamins. They’d be better off with a Snickers bar. It at least has a trace amount of protein and takes longer for the sugar to enter your bloodstream.

    Just last night I listened to a radio program about all the toxins that are in everyday products we use. Pretty scary!

  2. I heard about this. What in the world is going on? One of my kids is an Apple juice lover. What in the world is he going to drink?

  3. It’s absolutely crazy! My kids used to drink that daily!

  4. I hadn’t heard about that. Mine are only part-time apple juice drinkers. We drink a lot of watered down Gatorade here. Maybe I will switch them to vodka tonics. Seems safer.

  5. Michelle says:

    Thanks for posting the actual brands that are most affected. I don’t know what I’m going to do either, because every day I usually send a drink box of apple juice to school with Kacey (thinking it was better). HA.

    I heard people who do give it should cut it with water, as if that is any better. Sigh.

  6. I first saw this on Dr OZ, really mad me mad. My kids only drink fresh juice, we are big juicers so I am happy thye have not had any bottled for long time.

  7. I just read that the other day… I was shocked! I plan to not give those juices to my kids… well, if I had kids that is… maybe it’s time to start making your own? Tough call to make for sure!

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