Tasty Tidbit – Greens

So it’s summer…

And you know how I’ve been talking about my CSA right?

Those great folks at Stone Gardens Farm are hooking me up every week!

One thing we’re getting a lot of?

cooking tips    Tasty Tidbit   Greens


Lots of kale.

Oh and these…

cooking tips    Tasty Tidbit   Greens

Collard greens.

So stay tuned for some yummy kale and greens recipes coming up shortly.

But in the meantime…

How do I keep all these beauties from going bad in the fridge?

Check this out!

Put your greens in a covered container in the fridge with a piece of stainless-steel silverware!


Totally extends the shelf life of greens.

Try it!

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  1. You ALWAYS surprise me with such great tips!

  2. Who on earth would have thought of that??? Had to be an accident, for sure! Great tip. :-)

  3. Oh I was just given some Kale and other greens and I don’t know what to do with it. So looking forward to that post!! Love the tip!!

  4. Kale and collard greens??? Yer opening my eyes—never tried these two veggies!!

  5. My son is growing kale in his garden box. It is so easy. They love it broiled with some salt and parmesan cheese for kale chips.

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