Tasty Tidbit – Snack Time

Do your kids snack as much as mine?

I feel like they are always asking for some sort of snack.

Before breakfast…

In the car….

After school…

Before dinner….

Before bed (that’s the one that drives me INSANE!)

And if I’m always giving, it makes them not hungry for meals.

Well lookie here what I found…

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It’s called the Snack Time Survival Kit from Beanstalk Express.

It’s a working clock that comes with a deck of 33 snack careds.

Your kids get to choose their snack…

You choose the time…

They’re happy, you’re happy…

And they’re learning to tell time to boot!

I love this idea.

Head on over to Beanstalk Express and check it out!

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  1. That is seriously the COOLEST idea ever! I’m going to have to tell the lady in charge of the preschool at our church about it!

  2. Very cool idea!

  3. This is freaking awesome. I need one of these! Little Butt wants goldfish constantly. Then she won’t eat her meals. Thanks for sharing this!

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